Inside a Hurricane (a demo)

For Hurricane Matthew, we evacuated Tybee Island and were not allowed back on the island for several days. However, as Irma veered east, evacuation wasn’t mandatory, and though it brought worse flooding, we were there in the house as two feet of water poured in.

I used the conceit of a hurricane to compare a real hurricane to a metaphorical one that wrecks relationship.

So, yes, it’s dark. And sad. But here am I, writing this blog going on six months in a stranger’s house. Hard to conjure up Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah tunes in that environment.

The first half is the real thing. Second half is the analogy.


Inside a Hurricane

inside a hurricane it can be so loud
you can’t hear yourself think
or the cries for help
inside a hurricane, as it grows dark
what colors there are fade into black and white
inside a hurricane.


Inside a hurricane when the water keeps rising
 don’t want to hear about
Hollywood silver linings.
And inside a hurricane, you can see what’ll be lost
some curse, others pray, we all keep our fingers crossed
inside a hurricane.


what in the world are you gonna do
tear it all out, make it all new


Inside your hurricane, there’re no early warnings
just days on end, no good nights
no good-mornings.
inside this hurricane, we’re both running scared
who wants to be left behind where broken hearts never mend.
inside a hurricane.


Inside a hurricane, you can refuse all help
Assume the storm will pass
and all will be well.
but inside this hurricane, we don’t even talk
we’re too busy waiting for the hammer to fall
inside this hurricane.


what in the world are we gonna do
there’s no turning back, no redos.


Inside a hurricane

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1 comment for “Inside a Hurricane (a demo)

  1. Judi
    February 11, 2018 at 9:44 pm

    Sad on several levels – I could identify with being “left behind” from a “hurricane”

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