Where Angels Fear to Tread
(a demo)

This song came out of discovering some new ways to play old chords, in this case, playing a traditional blues shuffle pattern up on the neck of the guitar.

(Funny, only recently have the directions on a fretboard become second nature. For too long, I was always being corrected, if not correcting myself, that “up” and “down” is in relationship to pitch. So the higher up on the neck, the higher the pitch of the string and the closer you hands are to body of the guitar. Whereas when I wandered through the darkness, I thought “up the neck” meant towards headstock, as in the physical location of up.)

“Where Angels Fear to Tread” is a combination gospel/apocalyptic song, as reflected in the scene and tempo, slowed down to almost a lamentation. I’ve always been interested in that phrase, “where angles fear to trend.” It says a lot in a few words.  

I could see this as a theme to a zombie movie, or segment of Walking Dead.


The above is just me and my guitar.

     Where Angels Fear to Tread

I’m traveling light
trying to find
somewhere to hide

I need some place
to lay my head
and rest my eyes

from all these visions
of God’s own children
lost in paradise

       (2nd time around):
       it may not be much
      but it’s all I have
       she said so kindly
       as I laid down on her bed


I’ve seen the lines
forming outside
the gates of hell

I don’t play with fire
or rush in where
angels fear to tread

I’m holding my breath
out here on the edge
scared to death

    (second time around):
    she said stay with me
    with eyes open wide
    here in this place where
    you and I can hide





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1 comment for “Where Angels Fear to Tread
(a demo)

  1. Greg Hardwick
    July 20, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    Like it!

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