Trying to Keep the Record Straight
(a demo)

I love to write story songs.

Seeing as mine are totally fiction, I get to imagine things outside my life: like murder and gambling and philanders and mesdames. (See Getaway Smile).

Here’s the latest, about a man lured into a night that changed his life — and not for the better.  


Trying to Keep the Record Straight

I’m not bagging or complaining
I’m just trying to keep the record straight

Now let me say this, right from the get go
I didn’t kill her didn’t even know her well.
i just met her the night before
down at the Indigo Hotel.

She was drinking Harvey Wallbangers
I hadn’t seen that drink in a long time.
And she was sitting like she shouldn’t
and she just smile when I said evening ma’am.

She said you don’t have to be so clever
already enough of that round here.
Just stick with me, kid, they’ll call you Lucky
And we’ll just see what we’ll see.


About 2 am it got kinda weird
Guy shows up 3 sheets to the wind.
He said something, she slaped him hard
He pulled a gun and it’s the killing kind.

Cops came and dragged me away
I never saw him or her again
They kept me up 48 straight
Talking to every single man with a badge


I never saw a lawyer no not one
I never really had a pray
They say I killed ‘em, killed em both
I said I never killed her, I swear.


so let’s end this like we started
I didn’t kill her don’t care what they say
And you, sir, can believe me or not
You see that won’t change a thing.

1 comment for “Trying to Keep the Record Straight
(a demo)

  1. Judi
    October 26, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    interesting story – sad ending but still interesting lyrics

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