“Sordid Lives” on Tybee will be a hoot and a holler

Well, I went and done it.  (I know that’s not proper English, but read on.)

I tried out for a play with our local community theater group, and I got a part in “Sordid Lives,” a rooting-tooting comedy by Del Shores.

A few of you may recall I double majored in drama and film at the University of Georgia.  I acted in several plays, including some children’s theater where we also did muppet and marionette shows.  I was even the theater director at the Baptist Student Union where we staged “No Exit,” by Sartre.

My first job out of college, after working on the “Moonrunners” movie, which turned out to be the pilot for Dukes of Hazard, was building sets at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta.  There, I worked backstage with Bonnie and Terry Turner, who went on to star in the local comedy troupe, The Wit’s End Players, before moving to New York to write for Saturday Night Live and then creating “That 70’s Show” and writing the script for “Wayne’s World.”

I, as most of you know, took a different trail and haven’t done any theater since then.

"Sordie Lives" rehearsal

“Sordie Lives” rehearsal

“Sordid Lives” is somewhat risqué play for a community theater. “As three generations of a family in a small Texas town gather for a funeral, we learn the hilarious, sad, trashy truth of their Sordid Lives.”

I play Wardell “Bubba” Owens, described by the playwright as “a former gay-bashing remorseful bartender.”  A Texas redneck.  It’s a great cast and I’m enjoying working with the two directors, who are also in the play.

The Tybee Arts Association puts its plays on in a tiny little theater called the Black Box.  I bet it doesn’t sit 50.

But y’all are welcome to come see Bubba save the day the last two weekends of March.



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3 comments for ““Sordid Lives” on Tybee will be a hoot and a holler

  1. judi
    February 17, 2014 at 12:18 am

    What fun – for some reason I’d forgotten all those theater things you did after college – that did jog my memory –


  2. Roy
    February 16, 2014 at 11:58 pm

    I think Griseld would be a good word to describe you.

    • Thomas
      February 17, 2014 at 12:04 am

      if only i knew what that meant

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