Somebody’s Gotta Pay (a demo)

     The origin and title came directly from being knee deep in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew and wondering who was going pay for all this mess. Not just clearing and cleaning and repairing our place, but the whole island.

     Then as I was writing it, it became something more than just about the storm. For you people of the Book, you might sense the Creation story, Eden, Noah and Job.

     Not too worry, though, this isn’t some sappy sentimental song of faith and happiness (have you noticed it really doesn’t work that way?), but rather a foreboding warning of those dark nights when you feel a very real abandonment.

     The search for Why is ongoing. Probably the most asked question in Heaven!


The above is just me and my guitar.


Somebody’s Gotta Pay


Somebody’s gotta pay
Somebody’s gotta pay
Somebody’s gotta pay
for all this mess
that’s been made.


The lights are out
A dark mind roams
Then there comes a howl
that sears your soul
It’s not for nothing
we must atone.




Well there was a woman
And there was a man
And they took a notion
to see for themselves
Now we all must pay
but they were led astray.


Well it did rain
But it was the wind
That drove the waves
Where they’d never been
And what was left was made
to start again.


Now you can cry
About your fate
But it won’t change a thing
(cause someone must pay)
Cause it’s too late.


To believe in him
You need know
There’ll come a time
When he’ll just let go
Who would have prophesized
We’d be so easily sold.



1 comment for “Somebody’s Gotta Pay (a demo)

  1. judi
    July 17, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    that’s heavy and thought provoking –


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