The Edge of America

I’m please to announce that I have a new CD.  The first one in seven years.

You can use the easy and safe PayPal method, or mail us a check to   P.O. Box 1477; Tybee Island 31328.

“The Edge of America” found me in a different place, literally on the edge of America here on Tybee Island. And figuratively speaking in mind and soul, which seven years of changes (career, marriage, living) will bring about.

These songs are about the lost and found – the loves we had, the loves we threw away and the loves we’ve been given. It’s about home and family.

Recorded in Nashville, “The Edge of America” is in the tradition of real country music, with its natural mixture of folk and blues. Stories with timeless themes told as simply and clearly as I know how.  Nothing fancy here.

You should receive your copy within a week.

— Thomas

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