Music and musings

Welcome to my new website, devoted to my music and musings.

Here you will be able to listen and download my songs — old, new and songs in-the-works.  I’ll also let you know where you can hear them live when I’m playing out. I’ll also be discussing what went into the writing of the songs.

That’ll lead me naturally into writing about songwriting in general and individual songwriters specifically. And in that way I hope to turn you on to some singer/songwriters you may not be familiar with.

To change up every now and then, I’ll post “Letters from the Edge of America” about life on a little island off the coast of Georgia.  It’ll be about anything and everything, except state or national politics.  As with beer, I had to give that up.

Martin guitar used on The Edge of America shoot

Martin guitar used on The Edge of America shoot

I have finished recording a new CD!  My first in seven years.  Obviously, a lot changes in seven years, and for me it was indeed a lot: I quit my job, got married, moved from the city of my birth to a small island off the coast of Georgia, where I have made new friend and a place I call home.

And as you would expect, my songwriting reflects those changes.

I’m very excited about the 11 songs on “The Edge of America,” and can’t wait for everyone to heart them.

More about that as we get closer to the CD’s release – some time in late summer, early fall.