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I’m  a poet, songwriter and former journalist living on Tybee Island.

I created this website to promote my 2013 CD, “The Edge of America.” But it quickly became something more. You can now play all 42 of my studio-recorded songs on the Jukebox page, as well as some 42 demos.

Since January 2015, I have used this site mainly as a landing spot for my Song Blog, where every few weeks I post a demo of a new song and the story behind it. 

Tybee was hit by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. Though I lost too many journals and writings, many of my early poems, which weren’t preserved anywhere, were miraculously recovered.  

I decided to post some of those earlier poems, as well as newer ones, along with audios of my reading them. (See Poetry.)  

(UPDATE: When Irma’s flooding proved worse than Matthew’s, I was glad I had preserved those writings on the Internet.)

Also, I said, what the heck: put those artsy photo/edited pictures you take/make on the site as well. (See Artwork.)

The site’s Calendar makes note of where I’m playing, if I’m playing out. And, of course the requisite rave Reviews of my music can be found on the linked in the header, as well the lengthy, and the “one-sheet,” Bio.

With all of this, I hope you find some enjoyment or consolation in my attempts at exploring the connections that matter most.

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