About my poetry

    Before I knew how to play guitar and way before I starting writing songs, I read and wrote poetry. I have continued writing and reading it til this very day.  It is my first love.

    And so when I discovered Hurricane Matthew’s floodwaters had destroyed some 25 years worth of journals, I almost wept with joy when I was able to retrieve some of my early and more recent poems.

    The recovery process led me to begin putting up some representative poems from the five decades of my poetry.

    And since Melissa says she likes to hear me read poetry, there’s audio with each poem. 

    So, even for those who don’t regularly read poetry (or even know what some of it means!), you can be relieved to know that poetry was meant to be heard more than understood (and some say the meaning is clearer if the poem is heard).  Give it a try, you might like it.