This website is devoted mostly to the music and  musings of Thomas Oliver.  It was launched it in the fall of 2013 with the release of Thomas’ first CD in seven years: “The Edge of America.”  It’s often updated, so check out the links below and the pages above.

You can see what the reviewers said about The Edge of America here.

Check out the stories behind the songs at this link.


The Edge of America

The Edge of America

Letters from the Edge of America (below right)  is a catch-all category where I’ll  write about most anything. Click here to read about the play I’m in.

You can listen to my songs  on the  Jukebox and find out where I’m playing (see Calendar above).

I’ll  also be sharing with you certain insights into my songwriting.  (See the link About My Songs below right.)

That’ll naturally lead me into writing about songwriting in general and individual songwriters specifically.   And in that way I hope to turn you on to some singer/songwriters you may not be familiar with. (Check out the link below right: Other Songwriters, or click here to read about a songwriter emerging as one of the best.)

I hope you will follow me  on this latest adventure by subscribing to my mailing list.  Promise not to share it or abuse it.  Mainly the email will be to alert you to new musings or new music.

If nothing else, I promise to keep it lively, interesting and sometimes humorous.


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15 Responses to About this site

  1. You Got Me,,, like that one…

  2. judi williams says:

    I love it! way to go little brother – you never cease to amaze me with your talents!I was your muse right,right?

  3. Excellent piece on the making of The Edge Of America. I look forward to your weekly ponderings and revelations. Boogie forth!

  4. Jay Mannelly says:

    Look forward to getting your CD and hearing you live and as always in color when you are performing in Atlanta.

    The only, we’ll maybe not only, way for you to take your live concert over the top is to spice your performance with additional true Lewis Grizzard humor is to have Judi join you on stage to share your hilarious family stories. Both of ya’ll have a lot to offer but together ya’ll would be over the top. I hope I will be the first to introduce this team during a live performance. Please consider filling my life with humor and hysterics.

    Best of luck!

    • Thomas says:

      thanks for the suggestions. i always said my sister was one of the funniest comedians i knew of. she literally would make your face and stomach muscles hurt, you would be laughing so hard.

  5. Jim says:

    Great collection old man. Really fond of Now Like Then. Keep ‘em coming.

    • Thomas says:

      Thanks, Jim. Now Like Then is on The Life You Save Might be Your Own (and yes, that title is borrowed from Flannery.)
      Now Like Then is the only song I’ve ever written with someone. David Leonard, the producer of my first two CDs, Finally Over Losing My Mind and The Life You Save….
      take care,

  6. Wanda Parker says:

    I be looking forward to this.

  7. ron martin says:

    So, you keep on keepin’ on. Great. When can we expect you in the Atlantic Beach/Jacksonville area?

  8. Tom, miss hearing you in Atlanta (must be why you wrote ATLANTA’S BURNING). Like your new tunes. Especially glad that I can read the lyrics on this site. My all-time favorite of your songs is still A BIGGER FOOL THAN ME (it’s on a playlist on every device I have). MY check for the CD is in the mail. Can’t wait. WL

    • Thomas says:

      thanks, man. i will be playing in atlanta a few times this fall. i will certainly let you know when. would love to see you. That’s cool about A Bigger Fool than Me. that was really a break through song for me in the sense that it gave me confidence that i could actually write a good song when i wanted to. it wasn’t an assignment per se. but i did set out to write a song about a fool after reading “Tunesmith” by Jimmy Webb in which he condescendingly asserted that no one should ever write another song about a fool in love. there were enough such songs, he said. i’m a contrarian if nothing else!

  9. Claude Royal says:

    Good Luck…Look forward to hearing from you

  10. Jerry Onyskiw says:

    Good luck Tom. Hopefully you will comment on your fishing endeavors

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